About Us

If you want to take the hassle out of applying for or renewing your EHIC card then our website is available online 24 7. Simply fill out the 60 second application form and we will handle the rest.

Our team of experts will audit your application prior to submission to ensure a smooth approval process for your European Health Insurance card.

You can complete the application yourself via the NHS website with no fees, or you can out to allow our team of experts to handle everything for a small fee in order to help get your application approved without issues.

Since we are not the governing body for issuing EHIC cards we cannot guarantee the success of your application, however we can help increase the chances of your application being approved by auditing your application details and contacting you for further details if there are shortfalls in the details you have provided.

Another benefit of using our site to handle your EHIC application is we let you know 6 months before your EHIC card is due to expire, this way you can ensure you are always protected during your travels.

The last thing you want is to realise a few days before your holiday that your EHIC has expired, or even worse you find yourself without a valid EHIC card whilst you are abroad and need access to state provided health care.

We are available online 24 7, fill out our simple 60 second form on our website and we will handle the rest!