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European Health Insurance Card Renewal

ehic renewal cardLooking to get a European Health Insurance Card renewal? Getting your EHIC card renewal is easy. Simply complete the application form with your details just like before, but this time you need to provide one additional piece of information, your EHIC card’s PIN number.

Where Is My EHIC PIN Number?

You will find your EHIC PIN number on your existing EHIC card. If you look to the right of your birthday on your card you will see UK followed by eight digits. Those 8 digits are your PIN number.

What if I don’t have my PIN, can I get an EHIC Renewal?

european health insurance card renewal costIf you don’t have your EHIC card and don’t know your PIN then you can still get your EHIC renewal, however, to do this you will need to contact the relevant body using the helpline number and someone will be able to assist you further.

Those of you that do still have your EHIC card or know your PIN can easily complete the application form on our website, and you will have your new EHIC within 10 working days.

How long is my New European Health Insurance Card Valid for?

Once you get your EHIC renewal, your new EHIC card will be valid for 5 years or when your passport is due to expire, whichever comes first. So for example if your new EHIC just arrives then it would have a 5 year expiry under normal circumstances, but if your passport is due to expire in 2 years then that means so too will your EHIC since your EHIC card is linked to your current passport.

Can I renew my European Health Card for my whole family?

Just like before, each family member needs their very own EHIC card, however, when applying to renew EHIC cards online you can renew all of your family members and your spouse or partners cards at the same time.

Should I Renew my E111 Card?

european health card renewal how long does it takeIt’s advisable to ensure that you always hold a valid EHIC card to make sure you and your loved ones are covered at all times. The last thing you will is to be abroad on holiday and face a situation where you need to utilise the privileges of your EHIC only to find that your EHIC card is out of date and hence you are unable to use it.

If you do not have a valid EHIC whilst abroad and need medical attention, then you could face large medical bills. Holding a valid EHIC card would give you the same treatment rights as local residents of the country you are in which means you should be paying the same fees they would. Plus, in circumstances where local residents would be subject to free medical treatment, then so too should you as a valid EHIC cardholder.

What if they don’t accept my EHIC?

e111 renewal onlineThere have been some reports, particularly in some parts of Spain, where EHIC cards were not accepted by medical staff. If you feel that you should have been able to use your EHIC card but were refused it, then be sure to report this when you go back to the UK.

Keep in mind that private institutions do not accept EHIC cards.

Apply for your EHIC Card Now
(Includes Renewals & Replacements)

EHIC Card Application online